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Welcome to my Dog Behaviour website, for dog "Rehabilitation and Training".

Success in training begins with you! You will learn about my aim for the "Rehabilitation and Training" of your dog, and when, how, and what techniques you need for success.

My goal is to help you break down the barriers of communication, and to show you the fastest, easiest and most comfortable and effective methods of training your dog. 

Just as in a dogs own world, simplicity is the answer and the key to learning.
Dog Training Essex

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why doesn't my dog listen to me?" BUT
are you sure your dog actually understands you? Do you know how to properly deliver the message to your dog?

CONSISTENCY with guidelines, boundaries and rules is the key.

NEVER RUSH THE PROCESS OF LEARNING! Training your dog is the easy part. Training yourself is more demanding!

I can offer help with a variety of behavioural problems as well as with basic and formal dog training, such as:-

Dog on Dog Aggression; 
People Aggression; 
Nipping & Biting;
Separation Anxiety; 
Lead Pulling;
Constant Barking;
Fears or Phobias;
Chasing moving objects;
Jumping up;
(This list is by no means exhaustive).

I will give you the tools to work with and will show you how to use them effectively. Following the initial consultation, I will complete a behavioural diagnostic report which is a concise action plan to progress the training methods deemed necessary and I will be available for full support from there onwards, providing follow up visits at your convenience, as well as support and information via phone and email, so you can feel confident in what you are doing to get the behaviour you desire.
I use highly rewarding methods of training that have been proven successful worldwide.
I am also fully insured for all aspects of my work. 

Rehabilitation and Training 'In November 2015 I was awarded the 'Bark.com' Certificate of Excellence. (www.bark.com)
The Certificate of Excellence is awarded to a small group of select Sellers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment towards their customers.'

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